arte | cultura

AO Art Observed [nyc]
Coil House Alternative subcultures. Magazine + Blog
Colossal an art and design Blog. Christopher Jobson [usa]
Damián Ortega Cosmic thing 2002 [mex]
David Letellier Tessellations [fra]
Modern Art Obsession A NYC Modern Art Obsessed Collector
My Modern Metropolis Where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.
Open Culture The best free cultural & educational media on the web
Hi + Low
Primary Structures Curated by Adrian Clement [aus]
Rhizome supports the creation, presentation, and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways.
Tatsuo Miyajima [jap]
The Strage Attractor Promoting art from Chicago [usa]
This isn’t happiness Art, photography, design and disappointment. Tumblr
Todd McLellan Motion/Stills. Disassembly project [can]

gráfica | computer graphics | digital art

Creative Applications Tecnología y diseño. Filip Visnjic [rus] [eng]
Ryan Alexander [usa]
Tatiana Plakhova [rus]
Triangulation photography, art installations, product design, architecture, animation, technological and digital projects. Emilio Gomariz [spa]
Vague Terrain Digital art, culture, technology
WowLab New perspectives and approaches in motion graphic design. Interactive. Shadow and body [jap]

música | instrumentos

Devendra Banhart
The Creators Project Arte, música, cine y diseño
Tim Thompson Software engineer, musician, and installation artist
Vague Terrain Digital art, culture, technology
Visualizing Music Finding music with pictures. Paul Lamere y Justin Donaldson [usa
Zed Equals Zee This blog focuses on the intersection of music, technology and culture [usa]


Art Hound On the hunt for good art [nyc]
Aurora Robson Esculturas con material plástico de desecho [can]
SteamPunk Glass Glenn Godden [eng]
Tokujin Yoshioka [jap]