Gui Bonsiepe [brasil] [argentina]
Mool Design Diseño para la interacción. Juan Carlos Ortiz [méxico][inglaterra]

interacción | user interface

Ben Fry. Aesthetics + Computation Group
Ben Bashford Design for connected things [inglaterra]
Bokardo The Blog of Joshua Porter [usa]
Büro Achter April Cross-media and multi-media communication strategies [alemania]
Demystifying Usability Frank Spillers, Fundador de Experience Dynamics
Design for Emotion actualizado hasta 2012, libro y conceptos [canadá]
Designing for Humans A blog of Rob Tannen – Typad
Designing Interactions Bill Moggridge
Don Norman User advocacy and human-centered design
Everything is Extraordinary Tim Burrell – Saward [inglaterra]
InfraBodies Memes from the intersection of art, technology, and experience design. Katrin Kalden [alemania]
Interaction Design Lab. Milano
Interakcije Interaction Design Blog [croacia]
Interuserface A Blog about design and interaction by Clayton Miller [usa]
NoDesign: l’objet est l’interface  [francia]
O Danny Boy Interaction designer and author Blog Dan Saffer [usa]
Push Click Touch Blog of design topics in the History of the Button. Bill DeRouchey
Semantic Studios
Susana Soares Design Research [portugal]
Touch Interaction with RFID and NFC ‘Near Field Communication’ [suecia]
Usability Design Garth Von Buchholz [canadá]
Use Design Blog
Wothings Designing for the Web of Things. Pierrick Thébault [francia]

diseño de experiencia

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design Whitney Hess, 2009 [usa]
Design&Emotion The emotional experience of products, services and brands
David Report Blog de David Carlson
Diseño de Experiencias Blog de Rodrigo Bautista [méxico] [inglaterra]
Kicker Studio
Nathan Shedroff’ World Pionero en el concepto de Diseño de Experiencia [usa]
Poetpainter The professional site of Stephen P. Anderson
Putting people first – Experientia
Richard Saul Wurman [usa]
Sarah Doody Information architecture, user experience & digital strategy
Second Story Interactive Studios Interactive Media & Development [usa]
UX Magazine Defining and informing the complex field of user experience
User Experience Design Blog
What Is User Experience Design Kimmy Paluch. Montparnas
World Usability Day Making lige easy

institutos | escuelas | asociaciones

Interactive Institute [suecia]
IXDA Interaction Design Association
Interaction Design Association


Designers Interactif Magazine [francia]
Interactions Magazine