Gui Bonsiepe [brasil] [argentina]
Mool Design Diseño para la interacción. Juan Carlos Ortiz [méxico][inglaterra]

interacción | user interface

Adaptive Path Product experiences strategy and design
Ben Fry. Aesthetics + Computation Group
Ben Bashford Design for connected things [inglaterra]
Bokardo The Blog of Joshua Porter [usa]
Büro Achter April Cross-media and multi-media communication strategies [alemania]
Demystifying Usability Frank Spillers, Fundador de Experience Dynamics
Designing for Humans A blog of Rob Tannen – Typad
Designing Interactions Bill Moggridge
Don Norman User advocacy and human-centered design
Everything is Extraordinary Tim Burrell – Saward [inglaterra]
InfraBodies Memes from the intersection of art, technology, and experience design. Katrin Kalden [alemania]
Interaction Design Lab. Milano
Interakcije Interaction Design Blog [croacia]
Interuserface A Blog about design and interaction by Clayton Miller [usa]
Johnny Holland Magazine
NoDesign: l’objet est l’interface
O Danny Boy Interaction designer and author Blog Dan Saffer
Push Click Touch Blog of design topics in the History of the Button. Bill DeRouchey
Semantic Studios
Simplifying Interfaces
Susana Soares Design Research [portugal]
Touch Interaction with RFID and NFC ‘Near Field Communication’ [suecia]
Usability Design Garth Von Buchholz [canadá]
Use Design Blog
Wothings Designing for the Web of Things. Pierrick Thébault [francia]

diseño de experiencia

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design Whitney Hess [usa]
Affective Design Exploring emotional Design. Trevor van Gorp [canadá]
Design&Emotion The emotional experience of products, services and brands
David Report Blog de David Carlson
Diseño de Experiencias Blog de Rodrigo Bautista [méxico] [inglaterra]
Kicker Studio
Nathan Shedroff’ World Pionero en el concepto de Diseño de Experiencia [usa]
Poetpainter The professional site of Stephen P. Anderson
Putting people first – Experientia
Richard Saul Wurman [usa]
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Total Experience The emerging practice of design for experience
UX Magazine Defining and informing the complex field of user experience
User Experience Design Blog
What Is User Experience Design Kimmy Paluch. Montparnas
World Usability Day Making lige easy

institutos | escuelas | asociaciones

Interactive Institute [suecia]
IXDA Interaction Design Association
Interaction Design Association


Designers Interactif Magazine [francia]
Interactions Magazine