bibliografía | textos

Managing as Designing Edited by Richard J. Boland Jr. and Fred Collopy. Stanford Business Books
An imprint of Stanford University Press. Stanford, California 2004 (pdf)
The Role of Industrial Design in Sustainable Office Environment
With Emphasis on the Utilization of Industrial Design for Social Sustainability.
Lee, Kiwon, Nam, Kiyoun , Choi, Eunjung
International Association of Societies of Design Research, Korea
The innovation delusion Andy Budd en Research-Live
What Design Can’t Do Christopher Simmons en AIGA [usa]

design thinking

Design Thinking Canvas [brasil]
Design Thinking en Español Fundado por Rocío García Ramos [españa]
Design Thinking: history, theory, technology and practice. Myron Smith [usa]
Design Thinking for Libraries a toolkit for patron-centered design. IDEO [usa]
DT Design Thinkers Group [holanda]
DT Design Thinking Network Andreea Hirica Popa, Arne van Oosterom [holanda]
Design Thinking for Educators The Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators
idesign 7 ways of Design Thinking by Dr. Charles Burnette
Masters of Design Thinking [holanda]
Metacool Thoughts on the art & science of bringing cool stuff to life, by Diego Rodriguez [usa]
Tim Brown CEO and president of IDEO [usa]


Inc. Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs


Bplusd Business + Design. Jess McMullin
CMD Centro Metropolitano de Diseño [argentina]
DESMA Design Management Network. Collaborations between academia and practice [eu]
Diseño Rentable Blog, Consultoría “Todo en diseño, exepto diseñar”, eventos, publicaciones[barcelona]
Firm Follows Form Organisation Design blog by Nathan Waterhouse

innovación | creatividad

Creative Leadership Thinking out loud on an emergent topic. John Maeda [usa]
CINC Copenhagen Institute of Neurocrativity [dinamarca]
Curiosity New ideas, products and discoveries [usa]
Digital thoughts On design, creativity and innovation by Thomas Marzano
Design Reinventing Innovation VRD Research [brasil]
Foreign Affairs Political and Economic Insights [usa]
Helen Walters Musings on innovation, design, creativity and more [inglaterra]
Idea Couture Rethink, Reimagine, Reset. Idris Mooteé [nyc]
Ideas TED Explore ideas worth spreading [usa]
Innovation Excellence [usa]
Innovation Playground Intersection of business strategy + experience design + emerging technologies Idris Mootee
MindLab Developing new solutions for the public sector [dinamarca]
Springwise New Business ideas, trends and innovation
Steven Berlin Johnson “Where ideas come from” [usa]
The Creativity Post Quality content on creativity, innovation and imagination [usa]
Xplaner Dave Gray using Visual Thinking, Culture Mapping, and Gamestorming


Invention Ideas the site of Randy Belaire


Design Management Institute [usa]
CMD Centro Metropolitano de Diseño [argentina]

patentes | propiedad intelectual | derecho de autor

Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools [usa]
INDAUTOR Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Auto [méxico]
Inventos Nuevos Inventos, patentes y marcas [spa]
La importancia de proteger una creación de diseño [Pdf] María Teresa Mogin Barquín [españa]
OMPI La Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual. WIPO
Marcas y Patentes Lista de oficinas del estado en varios países
Patent Pending Blog Patents and the History of Technology. Bob Shaver [usa]
Plagiarius Innovation vs. Imitation [alemania]
SAPI Servicio Autónomo de la Propiedad Intelectual [venezuela]
The Design of Design Patents What Every Designer Should Know About Protecting Your Work. Core77 [usa]
USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office [usa]

strategic design

Gamestorming A playbook for innovators, rule-breakers and changemakers
La stratégie du design Le blog de la stratégie du design sous tous ses aspects. Nicolas Minvielle [francia]
Strategic Aesthetics Michael Roller. Kaleidoscope and University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP [usa]

usuarios | consumidores

Good Experience Customer experience and user experience Mark Hurst
Constable Research B.V. What’s the best for our Customers [holanda]