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Bad Human Factors Designs
Designing for humans Blog. Design Research – Ergonomics – Human Factors – Usability
Design Factor_ University of Limerick [irlanda]
Ergonomía en español [chile]
Ergonomidesign Design Consultancy – Innovation for people [suecia]
Henry Dreyfuss Associates
Introducción a la Ergonomía Conceptos básicos. Gustavo Soto Miño. Unab [chile]
The Anthropometrics of Fit Ergonomic criteria for the design of the Aeron chair. Herman Miller
Usernomics A division of interface analysis associates
Uselog The product usability TU Delft [holanda]

discapacidad | inclusión

Blind New World Sponsored Perkins School for Blind [usa]
Conscious Style Guide a reference site for inclusive, compassionate, and empowering language
Perkins School for Blind [usa]
Verve The mobility resource. Blog

diseño para todos | diseño universal

“The design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design”, The Center of Universal Design – NC State University

Diseño para todos Arq. Silvia Winer [argentina]
Accessibility for the Disabled A Design Manual for a Barrier Free Environment
Accessible station design Department for transport [inglaterra]
Center for Universal Design NC State University [usa]
Corporación Ciudad Accesible Camino hacia la autonomía [chile]
Ergonomics accessibility Humanics Ergonomics
Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Royal College of Art [inglaterra]
The Institute for Human Centered Design IHCD [usa]
Universal Design Projects and Competition [alemania]
Universal Design Partners [usa]

equipamiento médico

CareProdx Handicap Equipment and Medical Supplies [usa]


Abergo Associação Brasileira de Ergonomia [brasil]
Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors Designing for people [inglaterra]
Rica Consumer research for older and disabled people [inglaterra]
The International Ergonomics Association

tablas | manuales

Ergonomics and Design A Reference Guide. Scott Openshaw, Allsteel 2006 (Pdf)
NASA Ergonomics and Biomechanics
Tablas antropométricas infantiles 5-10 años DI. Manuel Ricardo Ruiz Ortíz [colombia]