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BioDesign: Nature + Science + Creativity by William Myers is published by  MoMA [nyc]
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics IOP Science
The Bio-Inspired Design Landscape Norbert Hoeller in CBID [canadá]
14 Smart Inventions Inspired by Nature: Biomimicry By Amelia Hennighausen and Eric Roston
ZQ Zygote Quarterly, Biomimicry Journal [usa]

biónica | biomimicry | biomimética

Archi Morph Architecture, biomimetics and technology. Blog
Ask Nature A project of The Biomimicry Institute
Base Biommimética Noticias y aplicaciones. La Coruña [españa]
Bio Design Franco Lodato [venezuela][usa]
Biognosis Blog Article compilation concerning biomimicry, biomimetics, bionics, Bionik, bionique
Biology to Design A key to good design is a sense of responsability. Alëna Konyk [canadá]
Biomachinations Biomimetics, Biomechanics and Applied Biotechnology. Prof. Adam Summers. CA [usa]
Biomimética 10 diseños que imitan la naturaleza  en faircompanies
Biomimetic Design Nature + Design: for a Sustainable Future. Dave Sánchez [méxico]
Biomimetics Design by Nature. National Geographic
Biomimetics Architecture Michael Fox and Ehsaan Mesghali. California [usa]
Biomimesis y Bioinspiración para el desarrollo sostenible Prof. Manuel Quirós, IED Madrid [españa]
Biomimicrist Robert Suarez, Designer, Thinker, Strategist, Researcher and Biomimic at IDEO [usa]
Biomimicry Imitación de la vida Jorge Fabio Guiza, Ernesto Mota Tovar, Julio Quiroz [méxico]
Biomimicry 3.8 Tim McGee. @PlumeriaTiki [canadá]
Biomimicry Life at HoK
Biomimicry Solving engineering problems and inefficiency by observing Nature. The Conservatory Report
Biomimicry News
Biomimicry innovación sustentable inspirada por la naturaleza …
Biomival Diseño y naturaleza desde Valencia [españa]
Bionics at RobAid, robots, gadgets, technology and bionics
Bouncing Ideas Emerging design ideas of biomimicry, critical creativity, sustainability and strategic thinking. Carl Hastrich [can]
Design Inspiration Design + Nature. Melanie de Cola
Eco | Interface Mind the Gap. Tim McGee [canadá]
El diseño en la Naturaleza Harun Yahya
KreaWERFT Biomimetics, bionik, sustainability, creativity, innvation. Ing. Elke B. Bachler [australia]
Nature-Inspired Innovation: 9 Examples of Biomimicry in Action TreeHugger
Next Nature
Pistol Shrimp
Resseny Biomímesis y biónica. Jon Marín [barcelona]
RobAid Robots, gadgets, tech, bionics and green architecture new
The Biomimicry Column Artículos de Tom McKeag en

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Ask A Biologist ASU School of Life Sciences. Educational resource for students preK-12 [usa]
Biomimicry Institute Janine Benyus
BioInspired! CBID Center for Biologically Inspired Design [canadá]
Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies University of Bath. Julian Vincent [inglaterra]
ISBE International Society of Bionic Engineering [chile]
Seed Media Group
Wyss Institute at Harvard for biologically inspired engineering [inglaterra]

estructuras | aplicaciones

Artículos de Estructura Vladimir Brontis [chile]
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Carborigami Refugio de cartón corrugado
Elephant biomimicry Jay Dyer’Blog
Frame and Form: Tensegridad. Cultura del diseño estructural.
Futurix Futuri possibili per tecnologia, internet, design e architettura [italia]
Institute for Lightweight Structures (Frei Otto, Stuttgart) University of Kansas, Prof. Nils Gore [usa]
Kenneth Nelson Weaving, Mother of Tensegrity
Puentemanía Puentes del mundo. Descripciones y fotos
StructureMag Structural Engineering Magazine
The Structure of Existence This book is a treatise on the nature of reality Dan Echegoyen
The Bionic Car project Mercedes-Benz
The Flying Mast Insane in the membrane. Tensile structures. Arq. Erez Amitay
Velcro 1941 Planta_o
What is a Space Structure? School of Engineering . University of Surrey [inglaterra]
Wind Turbine That Imitates Flippers Could Increase Efficiency

fotos | imágenes | ilustraciones

Animal photos National Geographic
Bill Mangold Photography Flickr: Nikkor 200, Dragons, Macro&Closeup, Florida [usa]
Flickr Hive Mind Paperfolding, origami, papiroflexia
Kathy Zarsky Pinterest. Biomimicry Specialist, systems thinker and strategist. Austin [usa]
Library of 19th Century Science Digital library. Dr. David C. Bossard
Nieve e Insectos Fotografía macro de Alexey Kljatov [rusia]
Rob Kesseler Fotografía macro [inglaterra]

geometría | representación | visualización

01 Polyhedra pastimes (models, explanations, links) Jill Britton
02 Symmetry and tessellations (models, explanations, links) Jill Britton
BOS British Origami Society. Recursos, información, eventos, diagramas, teoría, historia
Dora Balla Ommo Optical, mathematical, mystical, ornamental [hungría]
Data is Nature Robot Art, Algorithmic and Procedural Art, Computational Aesthetics, Glitch Aesthetics, Vj’ing, Video Art, Computational Archaeology  
Geometría Árabe
Geometría Fractal Geometry
Impossible World Impossible figures in art. Imposibilia
Investigating Patterns Polyhedra pastimes. Educational links
Juegos Topológicos José Luis Rodríguez Blancas, Universidad de Almería [españa]
Pamela Sunday Esculturas de microorganismos [nyc]
Polyedhra Paper models polyhedra
MATSys Arq. Andrew Kudless. Architecture, engineering, biology, and computation. [usa]
Nervous System Explorations in generative design and natural phenomena
Origami Tessellations
Paul Nylander Superficies mínimas, fractales, caos, fluidos, simulaciones, matemáticas (site)
Surface Fragments El dibujo, la representacióny  la pintura en la historia
Tensegrity – Enciclopedia
Transfhormetic Selected works of Paul Prudence


Atmosphere Nature’s Collaboration System. Janine Benyus